About Us

How we met:
Ben and I met at a mutual friends get together during my freshman year of college.

First Date:
Our First date was to a hibachi grill (my favorite!) Even though I was in college my mom would make my best friend go on all our first dates with us because she didn’t know Ben (Ben lived 4 hours away from me but 40 minutes away from my mom, so I would go out with him when I visited my mom.) Ben was a gentleman though, he even treated my best friend, and so the date was twice as expensive.

First Kiss:
Our first kiss was December 12th during the credits of The Princess and the Frog.

The Secret Wedding
Saturday February 11th I was on the phone with Ben when I heard a knock at my door. I tell Ben to hold on, and open the door. Ben was there with roses and a penguin (stuffed animal, unfortunately). The next day I had a meeting where I heard some bad news. I was at home sad about it and Ben asked me what would make me happy. I responded getting married jokingly because we were talking about it earlier. Ben responded, “Let’s do it!” I completely thought he was joking even though we decided on February 17, 2012 (that Friday, because it was the anniversary of my grandparents who were married at 18 and 19). Throughout the week we rushed around to get documentation from our parents house (who now lived an hour and half away). We told very few people, and the only attendee at the wedding was our puppy Nopey Bear, he wore a tie. I am happy we got secretly married because we had a lot of time to think about what being married really means and not get caught up in a wedding day or other distractions from each other.

The Second Engagement
Ben and I were going out for my birthday to this restaurant I always wanted to try. We are walking into the restaurant and I see all these flower petals on the floor. I told Ben how the restaurant has such cute decorations. Ben awkwardly stops in front of a table and I’m just staring at him like umm why did we stop. He had to tell me to read the wall, which had “Will you marry me?” outlined in candles. I started crying with the ugliest cry face ever (I didn’t think I would cry, I mean we are already married!). Of course I said yes! We sat down and then I noticed that the flower petals only lead up to our table. Smh. 

The Surprise Wedding

Early 2012 Ben and I were casted on MTV’s Young and Married. I thought our episode was just about us being secretly married but I didn’t know that Ben has been secretly talking to the producers and planning a surprise wedding. Ben said planning the wedding was hectic. He had no idea of all the specifics that a girl dreams of on her wedding day. I used to say I wanted to be married in the zoo, so Ben started from there. Luckily I always post on pinterest and the knot.com and talk to my friends about what I wanted, so they were able to direct Ben. Ben planned the secret wedding in only 3 months, the 3 busiest months of my life! By time Ben and I hung out I was brain dead, and I didn’t really notice him disappearing because I would be busy and out of the house all the time. The wedding day was absolutely perfect; there was nothing I would change.

You can watch all of this on our MTV show here:


Its pretty embarrassing though, it was a rough few months. I was so tied down with work, school and volunteer commitments. All an hour and half apart (I did that to myself though).
Just note: A lot of things can be taken out of context and I was so exhausted and busy that summer that i wasn't always myself. I wanted alone time but that wasn't an option. But it was still a great experience, and  I would do it again now that I understand the commitment that it takes.