About Me

I decided to just do a list of random facts about me:

  1. I am currently a medical student
  2. I lived in Nicosia, Cyprus for 2 years and I loved it
  3. I do aerial silks and acrobatic dancing
  4. I am obsessed with rainbows.. its kind of like my.. "symbol"
  5. I got secretly married at 20 and had a real ceremony at 21 (surprise from my husband)
  6. I want to travel to 30 countries before I turn 30, I'm at 17 countries now
  7. I did over 1000 hours of volunteer work in college. Once I got to 1000 I stopped keeping track
  8. My nickname is Bubbles, I got it 3 different times for different reasons, multiple times is because my friends think I act like Bubbles from Powderpuff Girls plus, I still like coloring books.
  9. I have a naturally bubbly personality around friends, but was always serious and quiet during undergraduate classes...now in medical school, I'm less bubbly around med school friends
  10. My last name means childlike innocence. I think that explains why I can be a big kid sometimes, I still love cartoons memorized Happy Feet and get super excited over Disney characters and stuffed animals. I am pretty energetic and silly. I don't mind it, I hope I stay  like this forever
  11. I started flying planes when I was 9 years old, but I knew I didn't want to be a pilot as a job, I will probably get a full pilots license when I am older.
  12. I graduated from the University of Georgia
  13. While in medical school, I am also getting my masters in Health Care Administration
  14. I want to own a nonprofit organization that benefits kids with special needs. I have so many plans already, but it would take a long time to type them 
  15. When I was a baby my family called me "Ze Plane!" because my hair was like Herve Jean-Pierre Villechaize.
  16. If I had the time, I would probably dress like I came anywhere from the 1920's to the 1950's or like a doll 
  17. I knew Ben would be the person I would marry randomly in 2009 when we were just standing in my moms hallway talking about Salsa dancing
  18. I didn't sing when I was younger, because I didn't like how peoples mouths looked when they sang. Now, I just can't sing.
  19. People tell me my voice sounds like a 4 year old, especially over the phone, so I work extra hard to sound more "adult"..my voice is still really soft
  20. I opened an account with a bank just to get their Disney Card (101 Dalmatians), but I never even use the account.

While this blog is silly, fun and light-hearted.. lets be serious for one minute....
Me, Medicine and this blog
I received an email earlier about why I do not seem to talk about my experience with patients on this blog. There are two reasons for that, while the start of this blog was when I first started medical school, it is meant to go on, well indefinitely (Which is why we started with MD in the title and the clarification that I am a medical student from day 1). It is more about my personal journey in medical school, my relationship, traveling, and sometimes my less serious side of life. It will talk about my personal life, aerial dance, maybe starting  a family, moving for residency, etc. I may share vague medical experiences with the focus being on how it impacted me and not case information.
But, the second and most important reason is that as a medical student, patients must consent to me taking part in their care. It is something I appreciate very much, because it provides a learning opportunity. If I were to post a unique case here, even with details changed and confidentiality ensured, I could only imagine the patients feelings if they were ever to come across this blog. I would never want them to feel embarrassed or like I broke their trust. At school we learn to introduce ourself and ensure the patient that anything discussed here today will remain between myself and the medical team. The keyword is anything, not just their name and date of birth. Sharing anything would be breaking the words I said to them, and I take my words very seriously. This is not a medical learning blog.
As a doctor, I don't see my policy changing. I will always take the trust of my patients as a very serious honor. The types of medicine I am considering (Pediatric neurology or infertility medicine) can be very sensitive topics for the entire family unit. For example, imagine a father or husband googling information about their child or wives lab result and finding them on this blog with minor identifying details altered. It may still cause a feeling of insecurity.  I would never want any discomfort to be caused to any of my patients, or to risk any confidentiality breach. 
In the incidence that I do have a patient experience that really touches and teaches me AND I feel very comfortable with my relationship with the patient. I will ask their permission and give them full disclosure of what I will and will not write on this blog.  As for now, I intend to keep case discussions for a more professional setting other than a personal blog.