How To Become A Doctor

Studying and training to be a doctor is very rewarding, but takes time and diligence. It is a highly respected career with numerous options and areas available to those who choose to pursue a career in medicine. These areas are wide ranging from general medicine to surgery, paediatrics to gynaecology, to name just a few.
There are different types of doctor training methodologies to be studied which range from problem-based learning to lecture-based learning, pre-clinical and clinical phased learning, as well as an integrated curriculum mode of learning. How much training and how long it takes depends on the particular field the student wants to purse. It is not uncommon for many doctors to spend a decade of their life in training.
For an illustrated snapshot of what is involved in the process have a look at the below infographic created by Study Medicine Europe or read this more detailed guide.
This Infographic shows the pathways to medicine taken by the majority of my European Classmates