Levi's First Halloween

I was not allowed to celebrate Halloween until middle school, so of course it became my favorite holiday once I became an adult.

I promise it’s not just an act of adult rebellion, but because it is actually more of a family holiday than expected.
It is not as shallow as New Years, less stressful than Christmas may be and it does not require as much fuss as Thanksgiving. Depending on how you choose to celebrate, it can be the ultimate family holiday, and the flexible preparation time takes out the stress.

To me, Halloween consists of weeks of planning and DIY projects. Planning out everyone’s costumes then finding all the ways to make them. Preparation for the “big day’ is the perfect balance of both a relaxing and productive environment. When you decided to go beyond the costumes and trick-or-treating, there is pumpkin carving, fall festivals, parades, and haunted houses (which I always want to go to, but freak out the most in the parking lot.)  The best part is, if anything gets overwhelming, you can tone down the to-do list and cut out some activities. No one minds. Unlike Thanksgiving, if you got overwhelmed and couldn’t make the turkey or God Forbid, the mac and cheese, well you might as end the holiday immediately. 😜😜😜😜

Needless to say, being a third-year medical student with an infant is tiring. I had a massive list of Halloween fun, and less than half of it worked out, but the greatest thing is. I still enjoyed it.

First: Friday night some of my classmates from medical school were hosting a party to “Scare Away Cancer”, raising money for St. Baldricks. Even though it was a school party, Levi was invited.  Normally the hardest part of leaving the house is getting us both ready, but surprisingly prep was flawless. Levi was dressed as Tigger. I was dressed as Winnie the Pooh. I put Levi down on the bed to check the diaper bag and put it on… less than 3 minutes. I go to pick Levi up and he fell asleep!!! Levi has never ever gone to sleep on his own! I didn’t want to wake him because I had a naïve moment thinking he would sleep through the entire night..
             Of course, he didn’t!

A few hours later he woke up, but it was too late to go out, we still had the next day.. Levis School’s party.

Second Attempt: We get ready again, absolutely flawless and start heading to Levis school. I am talking to my mom on the car phone and Levi is looking around playing with his stroller toys. As I pull onto the street I tell my mom we are about to pull into the daycare parking lot and end the phone call. I glance into the car seat mirror, and Levi is still looking around, content. I park the car and look back up… Sleep! I figured the nap would be short and we stayed in the parking lot until we saw the families in costumes walking out to their cars.

Third times the charm: The past few attempts were too hilarious to be disappointed. These stories are more memorable than attending both events with no hiccups. Lucky we still had one more time for Levi to actually make a public appearance in costume!. His school was also having a parade the day of  Halloween, and I got off in time to make it! Near the start of the parade Levi seemed fussy and was ready for a nap but he turned festive and excited right as it was time for the parade to start. Walking through the school and seeing all the babies and kiddos in costume was absolutely adorable! As soon as everything toned town Levi had a full on breakdown (something he has never done before) but once we nursed and cuddled, he was out! Sleeping hard in two seconds. We were invited to trick or treat that night but I didn’t see Levi staying awake through it, and I had some studying to do, so we ended is first Halloween night, went home and cuddled while this mama ate his Halloween Candy. 

This Halloween there was no time to hand make our costumes, carve pumpkins or even trick or treat, but either way, it was full of adorable funny memories we will cherish forever.

SN: You can still donate to St Baldricks for Childhood cancer here: https://www.stbaldricks.org/fundraisers/mypage/2281/2016