Deals, Steals and Promo Codes

I love a discount., especially considering I don't have an income!!!

Here is a list of different services I use to make my life easier, and awesome deals and promo codes to go with them:

Instacart Grocery Delivery:
Seriously  a LIFE saver. Not having to leave the house with a baby to go grocery shopping is amazing. I have more study time, more play time and even eat healthier because I don't get delivery as often
Promo is for $10 off grocery delivery

This is what I used during my 12 and 13 hour OB/GYN shifts and overnight shifts. 
Promo is for 6 meals for $10. 

UberEATS Code: 
Free or cheaper food discounted and delivered from anywhere to your door 


$50 Credit

First Ride free up to $20

Uber for dogs! Life saver when I wake up late if it's just too cold! 
First walk free


Get a $35 credit for your first sitter with this link

If you have any great deals and promo codes comment below or email them to me at

Alcohol delivered to your door..well just because
$5 off