I think i decided...

  When I contemplating taking a year off, my only concern was “What would everyone else think?”  I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t performing well academically because that’s not the case, or for people to be angry about my decision and thinking I cant handle it. It took an entire summer for me to realize it’s not about that; it’s about how I feel. I have been studying my entire life. Even when I was younger, summer was part fun and part learning. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that! But I think after 21 years of consistently studying, I just wanted something different. Every single summer in college I worked full time and took summer classes. I always worked during the school year, volunteered, contributed to research at the veterinary school and always managed to be within the top 10 percent of my class. May 10th 2013 I graduated from University of Georgia and May 13th I started my masters degree at Colorado State. In July I was accepted to medical school, and off I went in September, continuing with my masters degree online and maintaining a 4.0 in those courses. Every holiday while in the company of my family, I always had an assignment, a test or a chapter to read. Occasionally I look up and get to partake in their festivities, but in the back of my mind I would always be thinking about my deadlines. I have never fully focused on anything else.

I decided that a year off would be best, to be myself, to be a wife, to support my husband (whose job opportunities are suddenly spanning all over the USA including Hawaii), to take care of myself physically and mentally, to be fully apart of my family and be able to support them through the many things they have been going through. But also to finish my masters degree and do research and ultimately find ways to strengthen my residency application (because realistically I can not just do NOTHING an entire year).

Now I have to decide in two days about this USMLE thing (take it and get it over with or take advantage or extra study time)
My nephew