End of Exams

Today was supposed to be a good day. All of the second year of med school comes down to just one exam, split into two days.  I was so prepared for exams, and was so proud of my hard work this year. After the first paper Monday I was so excited, I felt like I studied all the right things, I have never felt this confident in an exam before. Paper two today was similar, I didn’t feel extremely confident, but still felt great. As I was filling out my answer sheet I got near question 95 and realized I was completely off. And not just by one or two questions, it seems like I skipped an entire page when filling out the scantron. I frantically tried to correct it, starting at the last question, number 95 and working my way up, I was able to correct up to a little past 60 and still had no clue where I managed to skip questions. Time was up, and even though I had all the answers written to the side of the question booklet, they didn’t make it to the scantron, they mean nothing and won’t be counted. I tried to talk to the examiners and they were not able to make any accommodations. So instead of celebrating the end of my second year, I am crying every 30 minutes. Instead of hoping I get a high grade I earned, I am hoping that I at least make the pass mark. I am hurt that regardless of the outcome, my hard work this year won’t be projected on final score.