Regret.. Almost

A day off, visiting Salamis
When my dad visited
I almost regret not posting more last year. I learned so much and I don’t just mean medically wise, but about myself, about Ben, the type of wife I want to be and about the type of doctor I will be and hope to be. Completing two attachments and having the opportunity to work with about 10 doctors in just one term showed me a lot about medicine, professionalism and patient-doctor relationships.
For 10 weeks last term, I had many 12-hour days, but when I should be exhausted but I realize that I still wouldn’t rather be doing anything else! So many times during attachments I would have something great to share, but I came home, went right to the coffee shop to study and eventually forgot to write it. Or other times by time I was able to sit down and write a blog post, I would be too exhaust and the thoughts did not translate properly to the word document. But I only almost regret it, because even though it didn’t make it to the blog, I still had those experiences and I really impressed myself last year. I learned a lot, I exceeded in the classes I was taking for my masters program (Stopped classes for the year in October, I’m officially ½ way there), and really accomplished a lot as far as med school studying. Maybe one day the thoughts and memories will come back to me, and I have to learn to jot down the ideas when they come and get them on this blog, but for now, I am really proud of myself this last term, excited about how much I learned already and ready for this next year!

and when I wasn't studying I....
Took Selfies in a little black dress
Dressed up like a deer
Took some blood 
Skyped Ben... a lot
Played on toys meant for patients
 (while having an allergic reaction causing the puffy face)
Showed some love in black and white
Cried to friends about missing Ben
Had thanksgiving with a family away from home