Mom's Myeloma Marathon

I have no physical endurance, no aerobic capacity. The thought of sweating and being out of breath makes me uncomfortable… I pretty much avoid any workouts that cause prolonged heavy and fast breathing… I think that 5-10 minutes is my limit. I did track when I was younger, but at one point cheerleading took over and I turned into an extreme girly girl. Even when doing hardcore cheer competitions, it was all short burst of energy. The hardest tumbling pass last less than 10 seconds.  As far as yoga and aerial dance, more strength and focus.. less breathing and sweating. I am guilty of saying I will create workout plans, but whenever it comes to actually trying it, I have absolutely no motivation. I love the body I have, I am actually afraid of loosing weight (I have some dresses I want to fit forever! ... just saying), I feel young enough and healthy enough right now and nothing was really worth putting myself through strenuous activity and facing the risk of sweat. I know all the medical benefits of exercising but as much as I wanted to have the fit lifestyle, there has been nothing to motivate me to start one. I have come to the realization that sooner or later my metabolism and natural fit body may disappear, and it would be easier to start working out ahead of time… even though in the back of my mind I tell myself that my dad has been scrawny forever and doesn’t work out, hopefully I have those genes, I just have to stick to healthy eating…
I have been considering doing the Color Run 5K for a while now……as soon as the excitement of the rainbow powders overpowers my fear of sweat. But what pushed me over the edge and when I actually felt ready to dedicate myself to getting fit was learning about a 5K for Multiple Myeloma.
 Last April, I vaguely spoke about going through one of the toughest things I ever had to go through, and at that time I didn’t discuss it in more details due to my moms request. Last Easter after a vacation in Jerusalem, I went to Georgia to surprise my mom. The whole trip she kept telling me she had to tell me something but we never had alone time. The day before I was suppose to leave to head back to school, my mother finally told me she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. When she told me she had to talk to me about something I already knew what it was about. Before she told me directly I saw a list of medications written down and knew exactly what they were for, when she saw me reading the list that’s when she actually told me. Before I came to medical school she had been going to the doctors for 4 years to get bone marrow extracted and her blood/urine tested (I only knew about it for 2 years). But for the 2 years it stayed as MGUS or smoldering myeloma. She was starting treatment that next week, and I knew I couldn’t manage to get on a flight the next day. I was able to get it approved to miss a bit of school, to be there during the initial treatment consultation and to help her ask questions.

Battling the hesitation to enter the sliding doors of the infusion center, I started opening the doors in a silly dramatic way and playing different epic background music for my mother each day we had to go to the center. On the way home we would have dance parties in the car. Other days we would do silly wig shopping or yoga (with Ben which is even more amusing).
Door opening Example
 When I had to go back to school, boarding the flight back to school was difficult. I felt guilty, and like maybe my dreams of living abroad should be put on hold so I could stay home with my mother. I also considered applying to USA medical schools (I never had, the school I am at now is the only  medical school I applied to). Anyway, Mommy must have picked up on my thoughts and gave me an encouraging pep-talk about going to school and how much it meant to her that I was able to do amazing things and live my dreams.  It took some time for me to really get focused when I came back to school, but I was able to.  A quick fast-forward over the summer my mother had neuropathy and had to stop part of her treatment and even though she hasn’t been able to continue it yet, at a doctors appointment 2 days before Christmas we got the results that she was in remission! (It took her hearing it twice to really believe it.. If I remember correctly, the first time she talked about it she was like “Well (PAs first name) says I’m in remission"…. I was like mom what do u mean he says your in remission! ….
I went in with her the second time where we asked again more specifically and confirmed she was in remission. Best Christmas Present Ever!!! Now a month later there is still no abnormal protein in her blood or urine, she is slowly returning to work and as far is the neuropathy there are some good days and some bad days. Overall she has been going steady with her "Myeloma Marathon".

Through this up and down journey, I found my motivation! I realized that I am very.. “passion” motivated.. the last large fundraiser I did was skydiving for a Special Needs camp. I just need a real reason or purpose to get me motivated to sweat a little (I hope just a little) ... So the goal now is to run the 5K..maybe one day I'll work up to a marathon! Tomorrow (in 9 hours to be exact) will be my first day running in over a year,… maybe over 5 years... The last run I did was to the bathroom…

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I will be posting updates on my progress with running,  

If you have any tips on how I can run and not sweat, please let me know! 

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