BenWanderLust: London for the New Year

As Kristins short, two week winter break from school was drawing to an end, we prepared ourselves to be miles apart once more but of course we had to say our "see you laters" with a change of scenery. As the year was ending we reflected on our past year, the good and the bad. Anyone that is married and has distance between them feels the strain and distance weigh on your heart and mind, because having to be apart from the one person you want to spend all your time with can be quite unsettling.
But we managed to make our relationship stronger and continue on this constant adventure that is our lives. So to bring in the New Year we headed to London! Which was fitting for her considering her school is based in London and we hadn’t been there yet haha. We had many destinations in mind but we concluded on London and took that flight on the 31st.
We brought in the New Year on the flight and out first steps of 2015 were on English soil. Upon arrival in London we found a hotel and dropped our luggage off before beginning our exploration of what is a wonderful city rich with culture and history. As we made our way towards our first sights, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, we came across large crowds of people. Having forgotten it was New Years in our excitement we accidently ran across the London New Years day Parade which was awesome! It was filled with performers and musicians from all over the globe, even from my hometown of Atlanta, Ga. It was an unexpected treat finding out my high school alma mater was there performing as well! So we joined in the festivities and walked along the parade dancing and enjoying the atmosphere of it all. So after enjoying our parade escort to see the palace and my bigger alter ego (Big Ben) we stopped to enjoy a meal before exhaustion caught up with us and it was back to the hotel. We napped for a while before getting up to going to meet one of Kristin's friends from school, Zara, who is awesome by far from what I could tell and I could see why my wife befriended her. She brought along one of her friends and we went to enjoy some Lebanese cuisine (we let the women choose but the guys are choosing next time, no questions asked lol) and we enjoyed an evening of stories and laughter. We were able to take a double decker bus (always wanted to ride one of those!) back to the hotel before we called it a night. We were able to see so much in such a short amount of time but there is so much more to see in London that we are definitely planning a return trip to see it all! (And I want to find the Ministry of Magic lol). But as the morning came it was time for me to depart back to the U.S and Kristin stayed a couple more days with the friend she knows there before they headed back to school. Being able to go all over the world and see all the natural and man made beauty the world has to offer is almost always breath taking but being able to travel with my beautiful wife and bring some beauty with me is what makes everything so special. Farewell my love, for now. Until next time!