Ben Wanderlust: Visiting Kristin and Cape Greco

Cape Greco Cliff Diving (Enhanced) from Kristin Donald on Vimeo.

After buckling down and getting back into our study routines for a few weeks it was time for me to go visit Kristin at school (finally!! I was too excited). I always enjoy my trips out there from the beginning in the airport all the way to the end of the return flight. This trip from Atlanta to Nicosia is always an interesting one as I had to fly from Atlanta, Ga to New York, New York to Athens, Greece and then finally to Larnaca, Cyprus. I always enjoy travelling and seeing different people rushing around the busy airport and flying all over the world; with different missions and destinations. This time was no different. Upon landing in Cyprus I made my way to Kristin's apartment and was already running on almost no sleep, partly because I was so excited and partly because of the 7 hour time zone shift into the future. When I arrived in the afternoon it was study time for Kristin so I put my stuff in her room as she continued to hit the books. Yes, even though I am on vacation visiting her, her being in med schools requires much much more studying past the capacity of an average human being. To this day I admire and have no idea how she does it. This enables me to do one of my favorite things to do when I visit her and that is to take care of her. One of my main goals when she is in super study mode is to make sure she is fed and make sure she is comfortable and somehow make the mass amount of work she has to do is easier or less stressful. Though my favorite part of visiting her is simply spending time with her even if we are studying, during some down time I had the pleasure of meeting some of the good friends she has made during her stay there, and on this trip I met Phillip. A cool guy from Cameroon studying abroad in Cyprus that was kind and genuine enough to befriend my wife and some of her med school buddies. One of the evenings of down time he came over to enjoy a meal and watch a movie with us and Kristin's roommate, Jeanette.  It was an evening full of laughter and chit chat that I greatly enjoyed and I was glad to make acquaintances and to make a new friend. The highlight of the trip though was our excursion to Cape Greco with Jeanette and Kristin’s med school son and his girlfriend. Now the entire island of Cyprus is fairly beautiful with sights to see around every turn but Cape Greco is one of most beautiful places I have been to personally and I cant wait to return one day in the future. With sky blue, crystal clear water and its rocky shore along with seemingly endless expanse where the ocean meets the horizon the whole setting is pretty picturesque. While enjoying the natural beauty we were finding the courage for the craziest part of coming to Cape Greco, cliff diving!! And Kris and I are a couple of adrenaline junkies anyways so we relished the time to do something else crazy together. After jumping from the cliffs, once we were down in the water we had a great "up close and personal" view of the caves. Beautiful caverns made naturally by water and wind that can make even the stalest of imaginations run wild with stories of love or danger so naturally we took a good amount of pictures lol. After swimming about for about an hour or so it was time to head back to her apartment, exhausted but a day well spent hanging out with new people and enjoying the beautiful scenery with the woman of my dreams. So as we mark one more place off of our seemingly endless list of places to travel together, I will treasure the memories which we've already made as I impatiently anticipate our adventures to come.....which will take a lifetime when the world is your playground :-)