BlueRidge Encampment

Blue ridge encampment is a camp Ben has been going to since he was little, but the camp decided that this will be its last year. At first I was nervous. Ben and the others have known each other all their life, and I tend to be shy especially in groups over 4. From the moment you meet everyone, you could feel the love, and as the week went by the shyness faded away. I was able to connect with people that I want to be apart of my life forever. It was fun to listen to the memories, some more that 15 years old, to meet all 4 generations of family, and experience a love that can only be understood if you been to this encampment.  Mostly, I was able to grow closer with my creator, with Ben, and also with my sister-in-law (we live far away, and never had real time to hang out).

The weather canceled some events such as tubing and white-water rafting, but we were able to do a ropes obstacle course requiring trust in 3 other people and ziplining!!!

Its sad to see one of the longest running family Church of Christ camps (64 years) come to an end, but I am grateful that I was able to experience it…

Now 4-hour drive, 3 hour flight and we are off to acrocamp!!!