Summer Time!

Summer is officially here, and preliminary results are in…. I will be progressing onto my second year of medical school!!!

There was never really too much doubt, but its still a big relief to read your passing marks officially!

Blue Mosque- Istanbul
The Friday after exams 7 of us rushed away to Istanbul for an amazing vacation together…. I am waiting for all the pictures to be sent before I post them, but it was a much-needed trip, and great to bond with friends without any stress of medical school.

Our Birthday Girls
Yesterday was the last day we would all be in town before we start to slowly depart from Cyprus to our separate corners of the world. We decided to go out and have a nice dinner, and celebrate 2 birthdays. One for Naris, one of my best friends here, whose birthday is next week, and Priya’s whose birthday is later in August. It was great to celebrate their birthdays early together since we won’t be in the same country on their actual birthday.  We came back to my apartment to watch the most boring World Cup game ever, then headed out to go dancing…

The Girls

Today, the remaining of us went to another nice meal and Frozen yogurt for another round of goodbyes to the next to depart. I’m assuming this cycle of restaurants and relaxation will continue until I leave Cyprus next week… I can get used to this!