Savannah Swing Cats and Surprising Grandpa in Florida

July 22 11:20pm: I am super close with my grandfather, my dads dad. I can stay on the phone with my grandfather for hours! I know that he is pretty unhappy that I have been home for ten days now and have not made it to Florida yet!!! But that’s ok, because this Thursday, Ben and I are flying to my brothers house and we are all driving down to Florida to surprise him. I cannot wait to see the look on his face!

P.S posting this later because my grandpa stalks me over the Internet, and I don’t want him finding out about the surprise! :p

July 24th:

 Ben and I have arrived at our first stop before surprising my grandpa, Savannah, Georgia. After a quick meal and a nap, it was time to get suited up for a night out with the Savannah Swing Cats! The night started at 7:30 with an hour of swing dancing lessons. After the lessons were over the professionals stepped out on the floor. Ben and I were amazed. I’m a shy dancer, so it took awhile for me to get out there, but when I did, it was fun. I had a better time watching the amazing footwork than I did tripping over myself on the dance floor, I think i will be sticking to keeping my dancing off the floor with my feet tied in aerial silks. This was a night full of surprises, I wasn’t expecting to go swimming around 2-3am with my brother and his wife, but it was good to have a care-free night. I think we were all a little excited about the journey to my grandpas tomorrow!

July 25th:

We managed to be up at 9 am and on the road before 10! The excitement was energizing us once again. We loaded up the car and were on the way to grandpas house! The four hour drive was another great time to hang out with my brother. It was worth not flying. It is very rare that my brother and I are in the same country or even the same state. When we finally arrived at my grandpas, we wasn’t even home!. We thought it was a missioned failed. We went back to the car to see who we can call to track our grandpa down, but then we saw his car in the distance. The 5 of us (my brothers family and ben and I) held hands and posed like a family picture. We see my grandfather squiting and talking to grandpa Leila (apparently he was asking her "Who are thse people in my drive way!"). He was so shocked when he saw us.

July 26th

The best way to sum up Florida is stuffed! We have been eating good over here! I forgot about the full breakfast table, steaks, wine, paella, and all the other aspects of dining with my family. But besides eating, I found out that a little girl I mentored during undergraduate years was also visiting Daytona beach, I was able to drive to meet up with her and walk along the beach. This Florida trip has been a success!

 Tomorrow, Ben and I are flying back to Atlanta to drive 4 hours to the Blue Ridge mountains for the Blue ridge encampment for a week. Then that Friday, we drive 4 hours back to the airport to fly to Chicago for Acrocamp!!! Since the “final school bell rang” I hit the ground running. With the current schedule I have now, I will not go more than 5 days without being at an airport for the entire 6 weeks of summer. But hey, this is my last summer this long, and I am glad not one second of it is being wasted away!