Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach 2014
Growing up, every July, my mothers family would make a trip to Myrtle Beach for my Grandfathers birthday. It was the one time of the year that everyone was guaranteed to get together. However, since 2009 when my brother joined the army, it seemed nearly impossible to get everyone on this side of the family together. Every holiday either my brother would be deployed, I was still at school, my brother and I were with our spouses family or fathers family for the holidays , my aunt started her family and so on and so forth, we always found ourselves scattered throughout the world. Whenever we would get together someone would be missing and we knew that at some point my grandpa would say "This would be perfect if only (fill-in-the-blank) wasn't missing. Most of that time the fill-in-the-blank would be my brother or myself.

This time was different! I happened to get back in town just in time and my aunt whipped up the spontaneous trip to Myrtle Beach (Still in July but a few weeks earlier than Grandpas birthday). Everything perfectly fell into place, I wasn't suppose to be available and I was, my brother happened to have two weeks leave, his wife was out of school, Ben had the weekend off and, my mom had an off week from her treatment.

I know my grandpa was thrilled!!
He had his wife (of course),  his 2  daughters, and my aunts husband, their 3 daughters, my brother and myself, our spouses, and my brothers son.

All 4 generations sharing 5 bedrooms and 10 beds in two penthouse suites.

Even though we spent more time getting there than we did while we were there, it was great to have everyone together after a 5 year hiatus, especially during this time.