Ben Wanderlust: Munich

As Kristin's short time at home for her summer break drew to an end, sadly, it came time to

escort her back across the ocean to school. Originally it was a trip that Kristin and I wanted to take as a couple to have a nice little get away before we parted but it turned into a small

family trip when her dad and uncle decided to joined the party.
On Friday, once she and I finished packing up her suitcases we met up with her dad and uncle at the airport, excited for the opportunity to have another travel experience together. After a long flight filled with food, sleep, and movies we  finally landed in Munich, Germany on Saturday, the morning of the 23rd. Upon landing we were on the move just about the entire time with sight seeing and exploring but first thing was first, figuring out where we were gonna sleep that night lol. I know it sounds crazy to go half way across the world not knowing where you are gonna sleep that night but last minute travels
and adventures off a whim before having all the details worked is the norm for us. So once we worked out where our hotel was we hopped on the train that would take us from the airport (which was an awesome, state-of-the-art beauty of an airport) to just about the heart of Munich. The beauty of the city hits you the moment you get off the train and to street level. 

The architecture was gorgeous with an old, royal feel to it so naturally we had to snap pictures just about every few minutes or every couple of blocks. Also going anywhere with Kristin I am always guaranteed to enjoy myself but adding the characters of her dad and uncle made this trip all the more fun and enjoyable. Every time we sat somewhere they would strike up conversation with whomever was around to hear them speak lol. But the highlight of our trip was going to the famous dining hall, Hofbräuhaus, which is literally a massive cafeteria with a festive, live band and enough beer to drown a small whale. The tables are big and sit more than just a regular party of 4 or 5 people,  so we sat at the emptiest table we could find and ironically ended up sitting with a few other Americans and an Australian exploring Europe as well. Easy to say we made fast friends. Besides the annoying guy that liked Uncle Barry and kept challenging him to chug his beer, we had a blast. It was already growing late and we had our flights in the morning so we made our way back to the hotel. We were able to see a lot but there is still so much that we weren't able to experience in Munich that we definitely are going to plan a trip back, at least to see the fabled BMW museum. The next day we made our way to the airport, and though I had
the time of my life seeing a beautiful city with the love of my life, it was time to say "see you later" as she flew to school in Cyprus and me back to work in America. Traveling the world with my best friend and love of my life is one of my favorite things to do in the world and can't wait to continue our adventures showing the world that true love still exists as we see the beauty the world offers. Farewell Munich, and to my love....until we meet again.