My First Medical Monday

Since it is my first time participating Medical Monday, I decided it would be best to just introduce myself. I’m a first year medical student dually enrolled in a masters program, a wife and an aerial dancer. I am currently living internationally, while my husband remains home. So far we managed to see each other every 6 weeks. I often compare myself to a rainbow (but I am sure I will have to explain this later). Sometimes I feel like I fit in with circus people rather than doctors. If I had the choice, I would probably walk on my hands all day, but so far I manage acting normal until I get home.
During college, I was on the career path to being a veterinarian, but I was really involved in community service with a significant contribution in women issues and children. I was most involved in helping children with special needs. A few months before graduation, the organization serving special needs children offered me a position, I was extremely excited. I loved spending my every day learning about these children, helping them develop but I also had an interest in their medical background and the scientific aspect. I realized my passion to connect science and service. I found the opportunity to really learn about and understand developmental disabilities, as well explore more about woman health and still work with and help them daily.I guess you could say I found my calling as a doctor. Over the summer and the first term of medical school, my interest also grew in obstetrics specializing in fertility/reproductive endocrinology.

For now my interests are:
1)   OB/GYN- fertility
2)   Pediatrician-child neurologist
3)   Pathology/ infection diseases (however there is not enough babies or people for me)

I am keeping an open mind, but I large part of me is almost sure I am going to stay with my number one choice, however last week I was sure I would go with my number 2 choice again (the original number one).. I am only a year one med student!

My main hope is that after residency, I can give back to others possibly through Doctors Without Borders. I hope regardless of the specialty I choose, I can still work with children with special needs because they are have been my superheroes and the motivation for a lot of the things I have done in life.

Here are some of my favorite moments from first year of medical school

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