Year One Term Two Exam Week

I'm back! Exams are over, and I'm going to work better on balancing personal post/request this term.
The last time I did a personal post was Valentines day!! The next day I had my first OSCE Formative exam. Right after that Ben was in town.
I planned on getting back to posting right after he left but I had to start exam preparation. 

         A Few Weeks Before the Exams, Beginning Focused Test Prep.

Test One Wednesday: Life Maintenance

Reaction to Pharmco. Questions

Mid Exam

Leaving Exam

Before Studying for the next exam 

Studying Mid-day Thursday

 Attempting to wake up and study after a 1 hour nap in the middle of the night
 (never doing that again)

On the Way to the Exam 2 Friday: Life Support

During Exam 2 Friday: Life Support

After Exam Two

Exams Are Over!


There won't be too much rest and relaxation though. Next week, I'm starting my USMLE prep and my Master's Degree Spring Trimester is starting Tuesday!