First Step on the new path to fitness

I have been looking for a way to truly be fit this year and Last week I officially was brainwashed through Hulu to try the 30-day Daily burn workout program. I mean, after seeing the advertisement so many times and the super convincing excitement in the users voices, I couldn’t resist. (Just so you know, I’m the person that wants to buy EV-ER-RYTHING on infomercials).

Anyway I went on over to Daily Burn and it took me through a mini questionnaire for a personal workout and then asked me to sign up. The next screen had a whole bunch of workout programs based on the beginner settings and the fitness goals I chose. When you choose your program it creates a whole workout calendar that shows the time length of each program. Now I’m excited, calendars and checklist are my favorite!

The first week has been pretty successful, the only day I missed was yesterday, but I had aerial dance in the afternoon so I still worked out. The classes I have taken so far are easy to keep up with and each have 3 levels from easy to advanced. My favorite workout is “Animal”. That pretty much describes the way you “act” during this workout!
After 30 days its only $10 bucks! I feel like it’s a great price for all the different classes they offer and it’s a lot easier than working a gym class schedule around school. I think I’ll get my moneys worth!