Winter Wonderland

Winter Break was an amazing time to really reconnect with myself. My only obligation was Me, and the opportunity for irresponsibility was great. Initially I was planning on going to Milan with my good friend and travel buddy, Aamirah. I made it to Milan ok, but she wasn’t able to make her first flight from Atlanta, which made it so she wouldn’t be able to make her connection flight from Miami to Milan. We were already only going to spend a few days in Milan, and the delay in flights would have cut our time too short so we decided to go to New York. Even though I was looking forward to Milan, as time came closer to the holidays, I was ready to be close with family, so I was relieved and even more excited about our girl’s trip in the city.
My dad rebooked a flight for the next morning, so I had dinner in Milan and arrived in New York only two hours after Aamirah. Our first day, we trekked around the city with our suitcases. There is nothing better than Christmas in New York. I generally go every year, but I guess this time was extra special because I got to send it with a good girlfriend as well as my husband (he decide to fly up from Georgia and join later).
My aunt who lives in New Jersey accommodated us and spoiled us the whole trip! She took us out to parties, restaurants, and even had us as guest on a radio show our very first night! One thing I really appreciate about my family is that they are always so welcoming to my friends! In order to meet up with my aunt we had to take a train into town in Jersey. We get to our stop collect our suitcases and I hop of the train. While I was getting off the train we hear a buzzing, doors closing! I turn around and Aamirah is still on the train! We both are banging on the door and looking for a button to open the door like they have in Europe. There was no luck. Aamirah and I just stared at each other through the window, as the train pulled off. As soon as the train was out of sight I could not stop laughing. This set the tone for the fun trip coming up.

We split the trip between Jersey and New York, (I was raised in Jersey and have a lot of family and friends still there). The days we spend in Jersey we decided to embrace the snow and try SNOWGA- yoga in the snow. It’s not as mediatory as the quiet gentle yoga and I guarantee the breathing control is not present. But I guess it gave me some time to reflect on why Aamirah is my friend version of a soul mate. She is crazy enough to go on spontaneous trips with me and do yoga in the snow! It doesn’t get better than that. It is really hard to find people who embrace my oddity. Ha!

Ben flew back in forth two times throughout my time in New Jersey. His second time back, he landed at 9 pm on Christmas Eve, and we headed right into to Rockefeller center and Times Square. I swear, holiday spirit was born in New York.

Christmas Day, College best friend and her husband joined!
On New Years Eve I found out my brother and nephew were in town in Georgia for New Years. I tried to find flights but it was pretty much hopeless. I spent New Years night in Hoboken, and then flew out to Atlanta, Georgia extremely early that next morning. I actually over slept for the flight and was saved by delays. My dad picked me up from the airport and I hung out in his condo until my brother and his family joined. When Ben got off work he met us at my dads condo as well and we all piled into my moms car to head to her house. Then, when the car wouldn’t start, we all piled back out to get my dad. It was only the battery so a quick jump, and we were on our way to moms. So we thought, until the gas ran out in a pretty shady area. We made it to a gas station where there was a huge debate to turn off the car or to leave it on while pumping gas. Those in favor of turning off the car (mostly Ben) won the debate. The gas was pumped and of course the car does not start again. We spent an hour stuck in the car and witnessed two homeless men fight over the parking lot. One was really nice, because he tried to help us wit the car. He said he used to be a mechanic. Apparently he helps the store owner and painted the store and that’s why he was really upset at the other homeless man for coming there and leaving his shoes out in the open, “You ain’t gonna come here and mess up my lot!” Two cars attempted to jump us, but nothing worked until my dad finally came with his super engine. We were finally on the way successfully to my mothers and the remainder of the car ride was full of my brother making fun of Ben for wanting to turn the engine off to pump the gas.
Visiting my best friend from college at her new home 

I honestly don’t think he will ever let him live it down!

I’m the odd person that thinks it’s a cute and funny story. We laughed so much in the hour we spent stranded. I don’t get to see my brother and his family that much, so even time stuck in a car is valuable.

The 3 days I spent in Georgia were relaxing. I got to catch up with a lot of my high school friends and Ben and I spent a lot of time cuddling and doing absolutely nothing.

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