Ben's Surprise Visit

So this morning I am woken up by my roommate knocking on my door. She says she needs to talk to me. I stumble to the door (half blind). She grabs me and started dragging me down the hall. I’m freaking out and regretting taking my contacts off at this point (I have a bad habit of falling asleep while studying with them on tisk tisk). We finally are in the kitchen where all I see is the blurry outline of candles. This has to be a nightmare, Is she going to sacrifice me?! Then I hear “hey baby” and notice the dark movement behind a red blur (roses). It’s Ben! He comes towards me and gives me a hug. I’m shaking, I want to cry from happiness but at the same time I’m still nervous. My sight starts to fix itself and I notice a full breakfast is prepared; the table is fresh fruits, crepes, bacon, and hash browns. 

I was too excited to eat.
Ben flew in to surprise me and was in the kitchen cooking since 5 am (I didn’t even go to sleep until 4 that night!)
What a wonderful husband! :) 
(and flatmate/ friend who went shopping and stayed up all night to help Ben)