About my M.B.A.

I just finished my second semester of my masters program within the first month of medical school. Right now I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA, but I think I am going to take a semester off with exams coming up in November. My final paper for this class had to be about a health care system in another country, so of course I focused it on Cyprus. The first week of school here we had a lecture on the Cypriot health care system. Combined with that lecture and hands-on encounters, the paper flowed easily, but I am looking forward to this break to focus on medicine.

Why my MBA now?
            Because I decided to apply to medical school late, I did not expect to attend in 2013. I figured I would fast track my MBA and finish by the time I would start medical school in 2014. I started my first semester in May, and in July I heard of my acceptance to St. George’s University of London, University of Nicosia. I wasn’t going to quit what I already started, and decided to try to balance both at the same time. Some nights it can be really stressful. After a day of lectures and clinical placements, the last thing you want to do is work on a paper. However, I told myself it’s not to hard until I give up my social life. If I have enough time for dinner, drinks, and movies with friends, I have no reason to stop my masters.  The first semester was the most difficult because it was more concentrated just on business. During the second semester, I started taking courses for the Health care administration concentration. There were few topics that overlapped with my medical school curriculum such as health care ethics and law. All the classes are really interesting and help me understand medicine beyond science. The classes I have taken so far are all online so it is self-paced throughout the week, as long as I submit the proper assignments every Thursday and Sunday. 

Feedback on my final paper:

I have read and reviewed your narrative on the Cypriot health care system. Your portfolio clearly demonstrates strong or adequate knowledge of the materials; correctly represents knowledge from the readings and sources. In addition, the paper provide a strong or adequate thought, insight and analysis of concepts and applications. I certainly enjoyed reading this work- it was cogent and logical…the perspective you have stated clearly shows me your clear understanding of the issues and systems in health care systems. This is my last feedback to you in this course…I certainly have appreciated your engagement in this class.