Engagement to My Second Husband

Early 2013, I had a major career change. I was on the path of being a veterinarian since the age of 4 years old, but in college I found myself inspired by the kids of a special needs organization.  And suddenly I decided I’d be a doctor. It was around Ben and my one-year anniversary and I started to think of other dreams I had. One was living out of the country and I thought, I’m 21 years old and married. By time I graduate from medical school and finish residency , it will be time to have kids, not travel. And there came the next idea, I’ll go to medical school out of the country (two birds, one stone). The whole application process was extremely fast. I registered to take the MCAT a week before the date (with a bunch of late fees) and read the entire MCAT book within that week (taking 18 hours of undergrad work, needless to say I did not sleep at all this week and Ben had to make sure I ate). I received the MCAT Scores late February and a month later, I received the acceptance letter from my dream veterinary school (so i thought). When I was accepted to my dream school, I didn’t even tell anyone. That was a sign that medicine was my passion (I honestly think that I was so focused on vet school for such a long time, that I didn’t feel like I was allowed to choose other options). At this point I decided to prepare my medical school applications and send them off, The University of London Medical School  still had their applications open and the program was perfect (2 years abroad and 2 in the States). I visited in May and was able to sit in on three days worth of classes. The class size was very small, the tutors were very personal and hands on experience began the first month of school. I was in love. A few months later Ben and I were in Paris celebrating our second 1-year anniversary (The second 1 year anniversary is a whole different story entirely) and I received my letter of acceptance. And that’s the start of the journey of becoming... Wife M.D.

Paris, the day I was accepted into St. Georges University of London